Once known as “a treeless, desolate waste of uninhabited solitude,” this land of Lubbock, over a scant century grew from a foothold on the stake plains of the Llano Estacado to the metropolitan center of the largest contiguous cotton producing capitol of the world. A quarter million call the region in and around Lubbock their home.

Tangentially, with development of major universities, a regional medical center and a magnitude of dedicated citizens, the area boasts nearly three hundred churches. Lubbock stands proudly as the center of the ‘Western bible belt’ that spans the heart of America.

At mid-century, on the southern outskirts of this fledgling city, bordered by dirt paths reminiscent of wagon trails, the Lord led a determined and faithful group to expand the horizons of missions in the Lubbock area. After much discussion, fervent prayer, and resolve, the missions committee of College Avenue Baptist Church demonstrated their faith in city expansion and purchased a tract of land far from the center of the business activity.

“Now the place was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface,” or so it seemed, but “the Spirit of God hovered,” leading His children to answer the call of Christ’s Great Commission. In 1957 Monterey Baptist Church was born, welcomed by the dry, dusty cotton fields and incessant hot wind. Through a half century of growth, Monterey has seen the populace of the city speed past its southern borders. placing her in the midst of the center of the metropolitan area.

Monterey has sponsored mission groups in most of the states of America, in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, India and Haiti.  Since her inception she has remained a contributing member of the Southern Baptist Convention, a participant with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and the Lubbock Area Baptist Association.

Come and be a part of our continuing history here at MBC and grow with us as we reach the community of Lubbock and outside of our city.